2. Patients complete a 5 to 10 minute electronic self-test in the waiting room or exam room and the report is delivered to the physician before seeing the patient.

  3. Follow-up testing may be performed at home on any computer, tablet or smart phone with an Internet connection.

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  2. With decades of combined expertise our executive team includes specialists in clinical psychology, software engineering and medical diagnostics which we have applied to the creation of our products.

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    1. Do you have time to treat your patients as individuals?

    2. Every physician wishes they had more time with their patients, but the demands of clinical practice

    3. mean that patients often leave without being asked the questions most critical to their health.

    4. Find out how to bring rapid, low-cost screening for behavioral and psychosocial issues to your clinic.


  2. PSYCHeDECISION™ is a unique behavioral health self-assessment solution that enables healthcare providers to assess psychosocial and behavioral issues that affect the prevention, onset, and progression of chronic conditions. 

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