We provide a fast, accurate and comprehensive expert behavioral health assessment that helps physicians by supporting better diagnosis, better decisions and individualized care of your patients

Our PSYCHeDECISION™ system identifies behavioral problems and provide actionable, practical recommendation to physicians that they can implement. It identifies problems with patients who are experiencing a level of stress that interferes with their health or healthcare regimens.


What is happening now is that people are being screened for major depressive disorders: sleep problems, drinking, pain, but not for sub-clinical disorders, for example: not coping with the stress. Each of the major conditions that show up in clinics: diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma has associated “sub-clinical” problems:

  1. 25 - 50% of all patients and up to 50% of all chronic care patients are non-adherent

  2. 40% have clinical anxiety disorders

  3. 40% of diabetics are depressed

A huge amount of morbidity is driven by these behavioral issues yet the way diseases is treated is missing the psychological and psychosocial context. These problems that are going unidentified because clinics neither have the resources, nor the time available to do this on an individual basis yet it is essential to be done.

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  1. Help patients with compliance to their medication

  2. More engaged, satisfied patients

  3. Address the psychosocial barriers that interfere with care

  4. Access to expertise, individually tailored to address the psychosocial needs of each patient

  5. A quick readout of your patients concerns

  6. Actionable recommendations and leading questions to get your patient talking to you about what is bothering them.


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Clinical Services

There is a serious unmet need in healthcare to improve patent adherence to medical treatment. 

As many as 50% of patients with one or more chronic illnesses do not take their medications or keep their appointments. A few of these patients will have a serious and persistent mental illness, but the majority do not need to be referred to a mental health specialist.


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